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The Dangers of Not Changing Your Baby’s Diaper In Time

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Whether it's your firstborn or your third; when to change a diaper remains a question. Perhaps you aren't sure when your baby’s diaper should be changed or maybe you're trying to save a little money and are trying to make a diaper last as long as possible. The fact is, leaving your baby’s diaper on for too long can be dangerous. 

When you're barely sleeping and trying to ensure your baby is safe and healthy, all while coming across to friends and a family as if you are “coping”; the last thing you want to worry about is checking your baby’s diaper every hour during the evening when you could be getting some shut-eye. 

How Often You Should Change a Diaper

Depending on the age of your baby (whether you have a newborn or if they are already on solids), you will change your baby’s diaper at different intervals. However, one would typically not leave a diaper on for more than 3 hours at a time. A diaper should also be changed immediately after your baby has dirtied their diaper. 

The Negative Effects

If your baby is left wearing a dirty diaper for too long there are multiple medical side effects that can take place. These side effects can leave your baby in pain and should be avoided at all costs. Some of the most common problems caused by neglected diaper care include, but are not limited to:

Diaper Rash

Even though diaper rash is quite common and almost every baby gets one at some point, it is better to try and prevent this from happening, as your baby will be uncomfortable and will be more fussy than usual. It is important to change your baby’s diaper more often than usual when this occurs. 

Yeast Infection

A wet and dirty diaper will often lead to a yeast infection that will cause a lot of discomfort for your baby. This is because yeast infections cause red blisters that can crack, burst, and bleed. It should be mentioned that both girls and boys can end up with a yeast infection. 

Urinary Tract Infections

As we all know, a bladder infection is very painful and can in severe cases damage the kidneys. This is definitely something a parent wants to avoid at all costs; thus, ensure your baby never spends any extended time in a dirty nappy. 

The Solution: A Monit Smart Baby Monitor

Constantly checking your baby’s diaper can be difficult, especially when you are trying to get some sleep in. This is where the Monit Smart Baby Monitor comes in. This device attaches to your baby’s nappy and detects when your baby’s nappy is dirty and when it should be changed. This smart monitor can even determine and report on your baby’s quality of sleep.

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