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Monit® Smart Baby Monitor
smart baby monitor
Monit® Smart Baby Monitor
baby room air quality monitor
nappy monitor
Monit® Smart Baby Monitor
Monit® Smart Baby Monitor

Monit® Smart Baby Monitor

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  • Monit helps easy parenting by monitoring and notifying when the diaper should be replaced.
  • Monit supports a baby’s healthy growth by preventing skin disease and monitoring sleep quality
  • Monit provides smart baby care methods with APP service, data sharing, and real-time notifications.

Main Features

  • Monitoring diaper’s status and real-time notifications (BLE & Wi-Fi connection to smartphones)
  • Mobile APP service / data sharing with 5 people
  • Sleep quality monitoring : Night-time
  •  Activity tracking : Day-time
  •  Baby room’s air quality monitoring and real-time notifications (Temperature, Humidity, VOCs)
  • Nursing lamp (APP remote control)

Full Description

Monit provides you with an easy and effective method to measure your baby's diaper. Using the Monit Hub you can now measure the temperature, humidity and VOC gas levels of your baby's room. Using live notifications to  stay up to date on diaper and room status from anywhere. With a built in lamp making it easy to change the room lighting from anywhere using the Monit app.