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What is an optimal amount of sleep – latest studies show that for adults the optimal is 7 hours.

"Getting a good night's sleep is important for all stages of life, but particularly as we age," - co-author Barbara Sahakian, FMedSci, DSc, a professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, said in a press release.

Recent study by Nature Aging, shows that among the ages of 38 to 73, getting seven hours of sleep each night results in optimal cognitive and mental health functionality. That is if you do it consistently – so every third night isn’t going to cut it.

Sleep impacts mental health

Study authors found seven hours of sleep each night to be the optimal amount of rest— where individuals sleep less than 7 or sleep 7 but inconsistently, it results in poor functionality like processing speed, visual attention, memory, and problem-solving skills.

“The brain reorganizes and recharges itself during sleep," study co-author Jianfeng Feng, PhD, a professor at Fudan University in China. "As well as removing toxic waste byproducts and boosting our immune system, sleep is also key for memory consolidation, during which new memory segments based on our experiences are transferred into long-term memory."

Poor sleep patterns also have a major impact on your mental health: going below or above that amount was associated with more feelings of anxiety or depression.

Researchers determined that poor sleep will be a risk factor for cognitive decline during aging. This is probably due to a lack with deep sleep. Too little of which is shown to lead to a build-up of beta-amyloid proteins (amyloid plaques), which are seen in some forms of dementia.

Improve Sleep 

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