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PARASYM - How to use your device: A step-by-step guide

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parasym neurostimulation device


parasym electrode placement

Parasym Settings

(a) Pulse Rate = 20 Hz

(b) Pulse Width = 200 μs

(c) Intensity = See section below

(d) Recommended Time = 60m/day or 2x 30min session each day

  1. Adjust the settings with the corresponding +/- buttons to match the display shown above. (Reference diagram above)
  2. We recommend 60 minutes of use per day. This can be achieved by pressing the timer button to ‘60 min’. The device will automatically shut down after 60 minutes. Please find a convenient time each day, using the treatment at the same time each day, for consistency.
  3. Parasym will automatically power off after the session ends. If you end early, press the Power button to switch off the device.

Note: When the batteries are low, the battery symbol will flash indicating that the batteries should be replaced. Batteries typically last well over 1 year.


parasym settings

Finding your Intensity level

After setup, repeat for each treatment session

  1. Ensure electrode has a firm connection to the left tragus
  2. Slowly increase Intensity by one level per second. Take care not to rush this process. If you struggle to feel the Intensity level, adding a small amount of moisture to your tragus can help. Stop as soon as you feel a light tingling sensation.
  3. Adjust from here aiming to feel a comfortable pulsing. If you experience any pain, lower the Intensity right away. If the sensation is sharp, you made need to adjust the placement of your earpiece.
  4. Each user will vary on their preferred level and more Intensity is not necessarily better.
  5. Once you find a comfortable level you can begin your session. You may want to adjust the level again during your session, this is normal and can be done at any time.


Key points to note:

  • Do not raise the stimulation intensity level to where there is pain or discomfort on the tragus.
  • For safety reasons, only use alkaline batteries in the device.
  • Turn Parasym off before applying or removing the electrode.
  • Make sure the earclip is plugged firmly into Channel 1 (the left channel). Make sure that intensity is set on Channel 1 (the left side of the display).
  • To help take the weight off the connection and increase mobility, you can arrange the lead behind your neck and over the right shoulder

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  • Do the electrodes require some sort of lubrication for conduction and/or comfort.
    If so, what would you suggest.

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