Study Shows Parasym Device for Vagus Nerve Stimulation Reverses Long-C –


Study Shows Parasym Device for Vagus Nerve Stimulation Reverses Long-COVID Symptoms

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Parasym recently partnered with the Human Waves Clinic and Laboratory of Neurophysiology & Movement Biomechanics at Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium.  The study analyzes the impact of Parasym’s targeted neuromodulation technology on the symptoms of Long-COVID.  Could the use of a Parasym Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device be an effective way to treat Long-COVID symptoms?

What exactly is Long-COVID?

Long-COVID refers to ongoing symptoms that continue even after recovering from the acute symptoms of Covid-19.  People who struggle with Long-Covid typically suffer from a combination of chronic fatigue, brain fog, pain/body aches, and shortness of breath for prolonged periods of time (from 6 months, a year or longer).

 Long-Covid appears to stem from a long-lasting imbalance in the nervous system. Due to the fact that the virus could persist in neural tissue long after people recover from the initial infection.  This is where neuromodulation shows great promise as an effective, safe solution.

There are no current established medications, or medical devices specifically to serve as a solution to Long-COVID symptoms. 


How Parasym Works

Parasym uses advanced neuromodulation technology and turns it into a simple, safe, and effective handheld device anyone can use right from their home. 

Parasym works by stimulating the vagus nerve through a pathway that runs past the outer ear.  It is non-invasive, low-risk and doesn’t require any medical procedures or medication to function properly.  

Parasym has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in double-blind clinical trials and is now being utilized by trusted global leaders in the medical field including Harvard, UCL, and the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.    

Results of the Parasym VNS Long-COVID Study

The study conducted at the Human Waves Clinic and Université Libre de Bruxelles showed great promise in both the treatment of Long-COVID and the efficacy of neuromodulation as a treatment for a range of different health conditions.  The 20 patients enrolled in the study had been experiencing Long-COVID symptoms as long as 32 weeks after their acute infection from the virus (22 weeks on average).  Their most common symptoms were fatigue, cognitive issues, pain, and difficulty breathing.  The combination of symptoms experienced often led patients to a feeling of helplessness, thus leading to more depressive emotional states. 

We were pleased to see that all 20 patients improved dramatically during the 14-day treatment period.  By utilizing Parasym to modulate the vagus nerve, the study authors concluded that patients improved their Long-COVID symptoms thanks to a targeted autonomic reset.  Remarkably, it only took 10 sessions with Parasym for patients to show a “very significant improvement” which remained even one week after ending treatment. 

So, if you are suffering from the various side effects of Long-Covid – get your Parasym Vagus Neuromodulation Device at now.

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