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A Fetal Heart Rate Monitor: A Luxury or a Necessity?

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In the beginning of a pregnancy, when the baby hasn’t grown to a stage where it’s noticeable yet, it is hard for a mother to truly connect with the idea and realise that, she is creating another life. It is often the first time that a mother hears her baby’s heartbeat for the first time that she truly realises that a miracle is taking place inside of her. 

The question is, why should you wait for your appointment at the obstetrician to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time when you could hear it at home. In this article, we will discuss what fetal heart rate monitoring is, whether an at-home option is advisable and what the benefits could be.  

What is Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

Fetal heart rate monitoring checks the rate and regularity of your baby heartbeat. Obstetricians typically use this method to check on the health of your baby and monitor whether your baby is under any stress. They also make use of this monitoring more frequently at the late stages of pregnancy and during labour. 

If a baby heart rate is abnormal it can indicate that they are not receiving enough oxygen at which point your healthcare provider can take the necessary actions to solve the issue at hand. 

The Benefits of At-Home Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

The number one benefit of an at-home fetal heart rate monitor is being able to listen to your little creation from the comfort of your own home. It can also be a great way to monitor the growth and health of your baby, especially if you are able to share your finding with your obstetrician!

What to Watch Out for 

It is advisable not to make use of an at-home fetal heart monitor too often. If it is used excessively, it could heat the body tissue to the point at which it could be unhealthy for the mother and the baby. It should also be mentioned that medical professionals train for years before being qualified to use these devices. They are taught special techniques with which to find the baby’s heartbeat and thus parents shouldn’t panic unnecessarily if one cannot locate the heartbeat immediately. 

What a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor App Can Offer You

When making use of an at-home fetal heart rate monitor it is important to be able to record your finding on an accompanying app. This will allow you to send the recording to your doctor should you be concerned about anything at any time. The advice and support of a medical professional are always a must-have during pregnancy. 

This is also a great way to share your baby’s progress with friends and family, keeping them in the loop along the pregnancy journey!

Fetal Heart Rate Monitors in South Africa

At Creatorishop you can order an at-home fetal heart rate monitor online and have it delivered to your door! Check out some of the features and benefits of this heart rate monitor and enjoy the crystal-clear sound of your baby’s heartbeat. 


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