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Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

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Full Description:

Why wait for your Doctor's appointment before hearing you baby's heart rate? Use our fetal heart rate monitor to listen to your baby's heart rate from the comfort of your own home. Store the data on your app and share it with you family or doctor.


  • High-fidelity, crystal clear sound with earphone and built-in speaker
  • Can hear the heartbeat at 15 weeks 
  • Digit mode and curve mode which displays fetal heart rate
  • Medical-grade biocompatible material
  • Record, view and share fetal heartbeat on Smart App

Doctor's Note:

A fetal heart rate monitor can provide you with a bunch of information that can be useful in determining the health of your baby. Some of the information and benefits of fetal heart monitoring can include:

  • Health: Not only does a fetal heart rate monitor reveal whether there is a heartbeat or not, but it can also provide information on the heart rate and rhythm of the heartbeat. This can shed some light on the general health of your growing baby.
  • Connection: There is something special about hearing the heartbeat of your unborn child. It makes it real and allows you to start connecting to your baby.