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Yo Home Test Refill Kit | 4-Pack (YO Testing Device NOT Included - Refill Pack Only)

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4 TEST REFILL PACK – 4 Additional Tests for your YO Home Sperm Test Kit - Does Not Include YO Testing Device.

Will work with YO Test Kits purchased for PC/MAC, Apple iPhones, and Galaxy Phones.

  • TRACK FERTILITY OVER TIME – Once you own a YO Test Kit, our Refill Kits are a great way to check your Motile Sperm Concentration and fertility over a period of weeks for more informative results and more recorded videos of your samples. This will allow you to increase the accuracy of your overall results for added peace of mind.
  • MONITOR LIFESTYLE CHANGES – Work on your Sperm Health over a period of time by monitoring results and recording videos of your progress.
  • SPERM QUALITY CAN CHANGE – A low Test Result on one day does not mean Sperm Motility can’t be normal the next. The number of sperm produced, the motility of the sperm and many other factors can change as a result of lifestyle, stress, diet and a number of other factors.
  • FDA-CLEARED & ACCURATE - This FDA-cleared product was developed by Medical Electronic Systems, the world leader in commercial-grade automated semen analyzers used in hospitals, free-standing labs, urology clinics, sperm banks, and fertility centres across the globe.