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Smart Peak Flow Meter | Asthma control in your pocket

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Smart Asthma Monitoring in your pocket – an asthma meter that plugs into your smartphone. The ideal solution for remote monitoring and self-management of asthma using Artificial Intelligence.  Introducing the Smart Peakflow, an automated peakflow device that together with its Bluetooth function and smart App, allows you to monitor your peak flow rate over time and share the information with your Doctor. 


  • Peak flow readings are automatically recorded on your phone. No paper, no writing, no excuses.
  • Explanation of all your readings and how to best manage your asthma.
  • Small compared to other peak flow meters. Carry it anywhere and check your peak flow anytime.
  • Reminders to take your readings. Share complete peak flow charts with your doctor from home.
  • Bluetooth and Smart App functionality

Doctor's Note:

It is important to keep one’s asthma under control and monitor the symptoms regularly, as it can easily spiral into a life-threatening situation. The Smart Peak Flow Meter is a device that can measure the amount of air that flows out of your lungs. This is done to test the strength of your lungs and should measure between 400 and 700 liters per minute in adults.

The Smart Peak Flow Meter will automatically record the results of your test on your phone and allows you to share your results with your doctor. It is also compact and portable, making it easy to monitor your airflow on the go. The readings are also explained to you on the accompanying smart app, ensuring you are always informed and understand your readings.