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Reusable Ear Cleaner

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Our Reusable ear cleaner has a unique system to remove ear wax with ease. This ear wax cleaner is not only eco-friendly and reusable, but it allows you to remove ear wax safely without damaging your ear canal and without pushing wax further into your ear.

This ear cleaner is easy to use and comes with 2 sizes of soft tips to protect your ear - the different sizes makes it possible to use it for adults, kids and babies.


Safe ear wax removal - The special spiral design of this ear cleaner allows you to remove ear wax without pushing it further into the ear canal

Unique design - It has a special scoop and curved design that allows you to have more control.

The shorter length and thickness of the soft tips prevents you from going too deep into the ear canal and functions as a safety mechanism.


  1. Biomedical

  2. reusable and eco-friendly

  3. detachable 

  4. washable

Replace your disposable cotton swab today.


  1. Device
  2. 2 sizes soft tips
  3. Storage tube


Are cotton buds bad for my ear

Yes, they can cause damage to your ears and pushes the ear wax deeper into your ear canal and onto your ear drum, increasing wax build-up

How to clean your ears without ear buds

Use an ear cleaner tool, specifically a spiraled tool to remove the ear wax this will allow you to remove the build-up without pushing ear wax into the canal.

How to clean your ears inside

Cotton swabs are not effective in removing ear wax from inside your ear canal. Rather use an ear cleaner tool with water. This will soften the ear wax and make it easier to remove. It is recommended that you clean your ears while you are fresh out of the shower or bath.