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Now you can monitor your kids' oxygen and heart rate levels using a smart app. With a built-in alarm that will go off if their oxygen levels start falling. Easy to use and comfortable to wear. Use the smart app to monitor their heart rate and oxygen levels in real-time and use the app to easily share the data with your doctor.


  • For kids 3-10 years old

  • Comfortable wearing experience

  • Track & record oxygen level & heart rate

  • Audible reminder/alarm for low blood oxygen

Doctor's Note:

When testing oxygen levels there should be between 95% and 100% saturation, and if your saturation level is anywhere beneath 90% it can be considered an emergency.

Some of the reasons why the body could be experiencing oxygen drops include but are not limited to:

  • Infections
  • Diseases
  • Heart Problems
  • Allergic Reactions

Because oximeters can detect when oxygen levels are low it can be an indicator of any of these problems and could contribute to diagnosing a medical issue in advance.

The Benefits of Oximeters

There are multiple benefits to pulse oximeters as they can provide medical professionals with a lot of valuable information that can assist them along the way of caring for their patients. Some benefits include:

  • Monitoring and providing information on a patient's oxygen saturation levels over an extended period of time.
  • Warning caregivers and medical professionals of oxygen levels dropping below safe saturation levels.
  • Allowing those with cardiovascular and respiratory issues to check themselves regularly.
  • Providing information with which one can determine when oxygen supplementation is needed.