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Checkme Pro Doctor - Vital Signs Monitor

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The most versatile Medical tricorder for all vital signs. Easily monitor all your vital signs within the comfort of your own home and with built in bluetooth, data can be exported and shared with your doctor using the ViHealth App and professional data management software.

Not Only Versatile but Portable.


  1. ECG 
  2. ECG Holter (for up to 24 hours)
  3. SPO2 Blood Oxygen
  4. Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor (Bluetooth)
  5. Temperature
  6. Sleep apnea screening
  7. Mini Monitor
  8. Pedometer
  9. Smart App based Connectivity (ViHealth available for apple and Android)


  1. Checkme Pro Vital Signs Monitor
  2. Bluetooth Blood Pressure Unit
  3. ECG cable
  4. Electrodes
  5. Electrodes for Holter
  6. SPO2 Sensor
  7. Wrist Band
  8. Waist Belt
  9. Charging Cable
  10. Y Adapter
Dimensions: Weight : 64g Size : 85x55x13 mm