Adjustable Portable Oxygen Concentrator 1-5L –


Adjustable Portable Oxygen Concentrator 1-5L

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What makes our product different? - Using smart technology our Adjustable Portable Oxygen concentrator comes with a built in Nebulizer and audible alarm  if you are in distress.

• Imported molecular sieve from France, service life is 1.5 times longer than normal brand
• First class air compressor, continuously works for 24hours*7days
• Condensate drainage Patent: Unique patent to extend the service life of molecular sieve
• Multiple noise reduction patent: actual noise<45 dB; quite when sleeping
• 0.1ml/min accurate control with voice broadcast
• 12 kinds of alarm function with remote control
• Rear-cover storage box for storing remote control or nasal oxygen cannula

WARNING: Please consult your Doctor prior to use and use in accordance with your Doctor's prescribed instructions. Please read warnings and precautions as included with your product.


Using smart technology this portable Oxygen Concentrator is easy to use at home or while traveling and provides an adjustable flow rate of 1 to 5 Liters.  Used for individuals who may have low blood oxygen levels and patients recovering from Covid-19 and suffering from respiratory issues. It works by pulling oxygen from the air around you and delivering a higher concentration of oxygen.

Technical specifications:
 Oxygen concentration: ≥ 90% (V/V) (percent by volume at 5 L/min)
Oxygen discharge pressure: 30-60 kPa (maximum pressure at the oxygen outlet)
Atomizing rate: 0.12 ml/min - 0.90 ml/min
Laboratory-tested running noise: 45 dB(A)
Dimension: 450mm×300mm×550mm
Net weight: ≈ 16.5 KG
Rated voltage of body: a.c.220V 50Hz
Oxygen flow: 1-5 L/min (adjustable)
Input power: 450VA
Atomizing pressure: 30~120kPa
Service life: 5 years
Classification of running modes: Continuous running