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For many people fertility is a daily struggle and for others a looming fear.

For men the question can be simplified into 3 words: "do they swim?".

In the past men have had to go to fertility clinics, collect their cup, grab what ever you need to get the job done and take the slow walk back to the nurse or doctor with your swimmers now comfortably resting in a plastic container.

For some this will be the most embarrassing experience they will face. But what if I can tell you that this can all be avoided.

The Yo Home male fertility test kit allows you to test your sperm motility (how many sperm you have, their shape and how good they swim) from the comfort of your own home. Using a device which is reusable and allows for multiple tests, connects to a free app and provides you with a sperm score and video within 2 minutes.

All data is sharable with your doctor and allows you to track your motility over a period of time. Why would I want to track it? Well should your motility be low a mere change in your diet and increasing supplement intake could have a massive impact on your sperm motility and the Yo Home will allow you to monitor that change, without having to pay or go in for repetitive fertility tests.

Most importantly, all this is possible at the same cost as one sperm test from your local fertility test clinics.

So why wait? Test those swimmers and let us help you on this uncertain, yet exciting journey.

Buy our Yo Home test kit here


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