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Why use Gloup Swallowing Gel when taking medication?

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Did you know that at least 4 out of 10 people face problems with the intake of oral medication (pills, tablets or vitamins)? Not just kids or seniors are affected, but people of all ages. It becomes especially problematic when you resort to crushing or breaking medication, as this can lead to under- or overdosing.

The risks of altering medication

Many people crush their medication. In some cases this is no problem, and crushing is allowed, without having an impact on the efficacy of the medication. However, in a lot of cases it could lead to a serious problem. Did you ever hear about a slow-release tablets? This kind of tablet has a coating designed to release a small amount of active ingredient during multiple hours of the day (even up to 24 hours). Your body gets small amounts of the active ingredient over time. By crushing the tablet, this coating is destroyed, which means that the full amount of active ingredient is released at once in the stomach. This can lead to very serious health issues, as you are in fact giving yourself an over dosage. From studies we even know that this has lead to deaths in the past.

Another important coating exists: the Enteric coating. This coating is resistant to the stomach acid, and  is present for 2 important reasons: the first one is protection of the stomach wall. The active ingredient of this specific  given medication can be irritating for the stomach wall. The enteric coating is added to protect the stomach wall against stomach ulcers. Because of this coating, the active ingredient is only released after it has past the stomach, so the stomach wall does not absorb the medication. The second reason for this coating is protection of the active ingredient against stomach acid. If the coating would not be present, the drugs would be in contact with the stomach acid. However; in these cases the stomach acid will inactivate the active ingredient. in other words; the medication is no longer effective, and the medication will not work as intended.

Does the use of yoghurt, apple sauce or pudding for the intake of medication sound familiar to you? Years ago when medication lubricant did not exist yet, this was a common practice. However; people did not realize that the food often has an adverse impact on efficacy of the medication.

So how to swallow a pill with ease?

The Solution

To solve this problem, a home-care nurse invented Gloup: a swallowing gel for medication.

Gloup is the first medication swallowing gel in the world that makes swallowing medication easier, if water is not possible.  He cooperated with a Parisian University to create the initial product. Unlike food, Gloup has no impact on the efficacy of the medication, so optimal efficacy of your medication can be achieved. Gloup is a 100% all natural gel specifically developed for the intake of oral medication. It covers your tablet so masks the bad taste of the medication, but because of its slipperiness it also slides down the throat easily. Both entire pills as well as crushed medication* can be taken safely with Gloup by people that can swallow independently from the age of 2.

* Always ask your pharmacist whether your medication is allowed to be crushed or capsules may be opened.

Who can use Gloup Swallowing Gel?

Gloup can be used by everybody that can swallow independently, but faces MIP (medication intake problems). Whether the swallowing issue is due to an illness or not, there is always a version available that offers safe swallowing of your medication. There are different packages available as well, so one should always fit your needs.

Different diseases and forms of dysphagia require different consistencies of the food/ fluid a person takes. Our products always have a guaranteed consistency / thickness. Do you have a form of dysphagia? Always ask your speech therapist which version of Gloup is most  fitting for your needs.

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