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Face Shields for Sale in 2022: Why You Should Still Wear One

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Everyone is currently frustrated with wearing masks and seem to be losing the motivation to stay strong and protect those around them by wearing a protective mask or shield. It is important to understand that we must continue to wear facial protection as COVID-19 has not just disappeared and there are still other viral diseases that can pose a threat to us. 

In this article, we will discuss why face shields are still relevant, list their benefits and provide you with information on where to find an effective face shield for sale in 2022. 

Why Wearing a Face Shield in South Africa Is Important

We have a large variety of diseases and viruses in South Africa that are highly infectious and dangerous. Some, such as TB (Tuberculosis), are transmitted in a similar way to the coronavirus (via splashes, sprays, and spatter of bodily fluids). It is important to realise that we may soon be “safe” from COVID-19 in South Africa, but that does not mean we should stop wearing face shields. We still have to protect ourselves against influenza, pneumonia, and other viral diseases by wearing this protective gear.

The Benefits of a Face Shield

There are many benefits that a face shield can offer its wearer. Some of the most important benefits include: 

  • Easy to Wear: Unlike face masks, which can be quite difficult to put on correctly, face shields are easy to slide onto your head and wear. 
  • Full Facial Protection: A face shield provides protection for the entire face, ensuring that no aerosol droplets can enter your body and infect you through your eye, nose or mouth openings.
  • Prevents Facial Touching: While masks provide effective protection against aerosol droplets infecting you through your nose or mouth, you can still touch your face, possibly infecting yourself when doing so. Face shields prevent you from touching your face. 
  • Allows for Personal Connection: Unlike face masks, face shields allow others to see your face and the expression it holds, making connecting to others and communication easier. 

Why You Need the Vue Face Shield

Now that you understand the universal benefits of face shields vs face masks, there are some truly impressive features on the Vue Face Shield that will provide you with even more comfort, almost allowing you to forget that you are wearing a shield in the first place. 

  • UVA/UVB Protection: This face shield provides its wearer with 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Anti-Fog Coating: You do not have to worry about foggy glasses preventing you from seeing while walking around in public, the anti-fog coating prevents your Vue Face Shield from misting up. 
  • Blue Light Filter: We all know how damaging blue light emitted from computer screens can be for our eyes, which is why this face shield has a blue light filter built into it, ensuring your eyes aren't damaged from working on a screen all day. 
  • Lightweight and Durability: This face shield is extremely light while being exceedingly strong, allowing you to live your life in comfort. 
  • Eyewear Safe: If you have prescription glasses or wish to wear your sunglasses, you can do so with the Vue Face Shield. 

Where to Find the Vue Face Shield for Sale 

The comfortable, safe and feature-rich Vue Face Shield for sale on the Creatorishop online store, is a great investment for anyone who works in an environment where they are exposed to a large number of people. Visit Creatorishop, order your face shield, and have it delivered to your door for absolute convenience and safety.


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