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Eye Drop Dispenser: Why It Is a Great Investment

Posted by Lourens van der Walt on

There aren't many people who are comfortable with bringing something close to their eyes. Just think about it; when something comes hurtling at your face unexpectedly, most people’s natural reflex is to close their eyes and duck. This reaction intensifies, even more, when something, such as an eye drop bottle/nozzle is coming straight for your eye. Whether you are putting eyedrops into your own eye or helping someone else, like your child, it is a difficult and often messy situation.


In this article, we will discuss the varying uses for eye drops, whether there is a device that can help dispense eye drops, what the benefits of an eye drop dispenser are, and how to use one.

The Varying Uses for Eye Drops

There are many different types of eye drops that are used for different reasons. Some are readily available at any pharmacy while some are only made available for use by professionals.


Some of the more commonly used eyedrops include those used for lubrication and itchy eyes. The anti-itch eye drops are usually associated with allergies that some people may have such as pet, dust, or pollen allergies. The lubrication eye drops are often needed when sitting in an air-conditioned space or when one’s eye does not produce enough lubrication naturally.


Some other eye drops that are typically prescribed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist include:


  • Antibiotic Drops: These are needed when one is struggling with an eye infection.
  • Dilating Drops: When one has an eye exam an ophthalmologist will often use these drops to dilate the pupil in order to get a look at what is going on inside of your eye.
  • Numbing Drops: These drops are typically used before surgery to ensure the patient does not feel anything while the surgery takes place. This is because patients need to be awake during most eye surgeries.

Is There a Device to Help with Putting in Eye Drops?

Yes! There is a device that can help you insert your eye drops into your eye with less of a mess and a fuss! The EziDrops eye drop dispenser allows you to drop in exactly the amount of eye drops that you need without worrying about your natural reflexes.

The Benefits of an Eye Drop Dispenser

There are a few benefits to making use of an EziDrops eye drop dispenser. These benefits include but are not limited to:


  • Prevents the tip of the eye drop bottle from touching the eye which increases cleanliness.
  • It ensures that one's eyelids are out of the way when dropping in the liquid ensuring the eye drop doesn't miss your eye.
  • One does not see the eye drop bottle so one would not have the involuntary reaction of closing one’s eye.

How Do You Use an Eye Drop Dispenser?

An eye drop dispenser is easy to use. All you need to do is place the eye drop nozzle into the hole of the dispenser. You then flip the dispenser to cover your eye and squeeze lightly on the bottle to release the liquid. You can watch a video on how to do this here.


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