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Gloup Zero 500ml - Raspberry Zero Sugar

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A simple solution if you struggle with taking tablets.

Gloup Zero is a slippery gel that makes the intake of oral medication like tablets, capsules and pills a lot easier. Gloup Zero is made of 100% natural ingredients, has a raspberry flavor and is sugar free.


Do you face problems with the intake of oral medication? Gloup medication swallowing gel is specially designed to help you with this. It is a medical device to help you swallow your pills safe and easy. The gel is slippery and slides down the throat really easy, which avoid your tablets from getting stuck in your throat.



500 ml, Bottle


For 85-100 intakes


aqua, xylitol, maltodextrin, carrageenan, potassium sorbate, citric acid, sodium citrate, carmine, aroma


About Gloup

Most commonly used medication swallowing gel worldwide

Registered Medical Device class 1

No interactions with your medication

Free of most common allergens, gluten and lactose

100% natural

Free of animal based ingredients

for everybody that can swallow independently, from the age of 2

No bad taste of medication anymore

How Gloup can help

Who can use Gloup?

Gloup can be used by everybody that can swallow independently, but faces MIP (medication intake problems). Whether the swallowing issue is due to an illness or not, there is always a version available that offers safe swallowing of your medication. There are different packages available as well, so one should always fit your needs.

Different diseases and forms of dysphagia require different consistencies of the food/ fluid a person takes. Our products always have a guaranteed consistency / thickness. Do you have a form of dysphagia? Always ask your speech therapist which version of Gloup is most  fitting for your needs.